photo courtesy of Creative Day Photography

This past year has flown by and I continue to enjoy what I am doing. It seems like just a year or two ago that I started creating quilting fabric collections but I am now in my fourth year. It has been fun to see how a collection will spark ideas for other product categories and to expand into those other areas, adapting my style to fit.

I am honored to now have Alicia Dauber representing me with her other talented artists of Licensing Liaison. We are in the first year of our relationship, and I have found it to be so helpful to have her focus on the sales and promotions, so I can focus on creating my collections. It really makes me wonder why I waited so long to make this change, as I had long felt that doing it on my own was the way to go. I believe any of you who meet Alicia will enjoy working with her as much as I do. Many thanks to one of my customers for making the introduction to Alicia, as it is always a huge decision to put your business in the hands of another person.

I attended the America'sMart show in Atlanta in January, and I was able to meet Alicia for the first time in person after several phone conversations to define our relationship. What a delightful time I had meeting a few of my current customers and getting to know Alicia better. Just as soon as I met her, I was sure I had made the right decision. 

My family has grown with the birth of my second grandchild in February! She decided to make her arrival one month early, so I had to wait forever until she was about 5 weeks old to meet her, as my flight to Denmark (their home) was scheduled closer to her expected arrival. Her older sister and I had quite a fun time together, and nothing is better than holding a newborn. I so miss seeing them on a regular basis, but my visit was again as wonderful as could be. It is soo fun to see the world through my granddaughter's curious mind.

Surtex 2017 has just wrapped up, and I'm excited to hear how the show went and about any new opportunities that might await.